Monday, August 11, 2014

So who's going to the 
Nebraska State Fair
in Grand Island???

Design Haven Graphics is gearing up for the GROW Store
at the Nebraska State Fair.  

Below are some personalized pans that will be in the display at the State Fair.   Not all of these pans can be on display at the same time. So if you have to get your hands on one of these, please ask whoever is working at the GROW store.  They will know if one of these is in the storeroom or may have already been sold.  

If you have visited the State Fair and are now looking at this page and want to place an order.  Please let me know right away, as I'm happy to try to deliver it to you on September 2nd when I return to Grand Island to pickup the display.  I can deliver  anywhere on Hwy 30 in between Columbus and Grand Island on Sept. 2nd also.   And of course shipping is always available too.

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