Friday, November 20, 2015

I am thrilled to announce the arrival of NEW STICKERS!!!

Anyone who has received an item from Design Haven Graphics knows what I'm talking about. The new stickers that will now be on all items, come off easily and without mess or frustration. (I'm so sorry about the previous stickers, my friend said to try Windex if you don't have any Goo Gone.)

These stickers, you can re-post them on your fridge or Rolodex to keep the information and at anytime you can remove it without harm to the surface. Although I haven't tried removing it from paper, but you get the idea.
So much more convenient!

Have you been to the Norfolk mall???
Visit the Nebraska Created store, next door to Herberger's to see all the vintage windows, Pyrex pans, trifle bowls, cookie jars and more.  Also see lots of other Nebraska vendors as well.

The Nebraska Created store will be open through December 24, 2015.
Special orders are welcome!!!!
I have very few orders currently, so please call or email with your personalized Christmas orders as soon as possible!!!

or call

Thank you for shopping locally and for GROWing Nebraska!!!

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