Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thank you for a great year in 2013!

Finally...I'm getting my December 2013 photos posted (here and the photo gallery). Thank you to everyone who ordered items for the Holidays! I hope the giftees were as excited you were to get your orders. Thank you to each of my customers this year, I am very grateful and blessed that you loved these products as much as I love creating them.

9x13 Pyrex with lid, R-20

9x13 Pyrex with lid. R-29

9x13 Pyrex with lid. Custom design.

9x13 Pyrex with lid. Custom design.
If you like this or any design with no code, just copy and paste this in an email to me OR
let me know what's etched on the dish so I can look it up and make your own personalized dish.

9x13 Pyrex with lid. R-48

9x13 Pyrex with lid. S-12

9x13 Pyrex with lid. Custom design.

13" platter. $25.00

8x8 Pyrex with lid. S-4

9x13 Pyrex with lid. Custom design with R-16.

9x13 Pyrex with lid, R-49

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