Friday, August 23, 2013

Pricing Has Changed!

The time has come...Effective March 31, 2014 some pricing will be changing. The first price is for non-personalized items. The second price is all personalized items. 

 Etching Price’s

             Non-personalized      Personalized
                          Designs           Designs

8x8 w/lid          $14.99         $21.99

9x13 w/lid        $24.99         $34.99

10x15 w/lid      $34.99         $44.99

Trifle bowl        $21.99         $31.99 
If a design goes all the way around the trifle bowl, no matter what design, the price is $31.99

Canisters-1gal.   $34.99      $39.99  (metal lid with rubber ring for a seal)

Cookie jars-1gal. $24.99      $29.99   (glass lid sits on top, no seal of any kind)

Pie Plates           $18.99      $24.99

13" Plates              ---          $24.99

4 Beer Mugs          ---          $27.99

4 Wine glasses 
or Champagne Flutes           $27.99

Candy Jars       $14.99, set of 2

Flour Sack Towels
                       $5                    $7

Gift wrapping available for $5

All items are shipped USPS with delivery confirmation. I let you know when I ship your order, so you know when to expect it.

To order Call 402-750-1015 or email Shawn at I try to respond within 24 hrs unless it's over the weekend. I always check email at some point Monday through Friday and most of the time on the weekends too.

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