Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer 2011 Projects

Cake Plate with Dome

This cake plate with dome turned out so amazing. However very challenging going completely around the dome. The newly weds were very pleased with it as well.
The cake plate and the dome can also be flipped to become a punch bowl as well, sorry I didn't take a photo of that. So the "H" worked well for the monogram.

Couldn't resist etching the top of the cake dome.

9x13 Pyrex pan, also comes with a lid.

8x8 Pyrex pan, all samples are for sale.  If adjusted this pan could also be personalized.

I think this looks great to give as is.  This lid is on the pan with a card tucked under the ribbon. This was a bonus as I cut the vinyl wrong and I just couldn't throw it away, so I made a card to match the pan.

A "Cookie Jar" for the dog.  As soon as I get some dog treats, I'll add another photo with the jar filled.

Bold, yet stunning Trifle bowl.

Included with all gifts are tags you can tuck into your card to let the recipient know their gift has been uniquely etched just for them.

Gift Wrapping also available for $5 extra.

Happy Gift Giving!

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